Social Media Fame at Super Bowl XLVII: 34 minutes and much more!

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That 34 minutes power outage at Super Bowl played a favorable role for the brands. Power of social media has turned much stronger with the creative spontaneity of new brands at Super Bowl. The bang on concision worked wonder for the brands through social media, costing no extra buck.

 For those who think that Super Bowl is just an annual American Football game event, must know that it offers a lot more. A total of approx. 4 hours event is actually a catapult for the brands, where they reach to a huge audience with their advertisements. It provides a chance for tremendous advertising and brand promotion. Brands churn out their creative ads which are not supposed to release anywhere, but exclusively at the Super Bowl and having said that, the recent reports say, 42% of total conversation at Super Bowl was only about the commercials.  Hence, it won’t be wrong to say, that the most important part of Super Bowl is ‘Commercials’. Again, the statement can be proved with the fact that, this year, a 30 second commercial spot cost an awful amount of $4 million and claimed it an all new record. Adding to it, this year, Coke bought three 30 seconds spots spending approx. $12 million.

Let’s talk what and how had it happened. Anyone who follows Super Bowl and advertising can easily recall the ‘Blackout’ and Oreo’s recent social media act. Oreo hit the hammer at the right time with an impressively stark idea shared on twitter, when a sudden power failure doomed the event for about 34 minutes. “You can still dunk in the dark” proved that how brilliantly social media can pull off an opportunity, to reach the audience via social media, if you are quick and attentive. Oreo gained more attention with its rapid action during blackout, then its way expensive regular Super Bowl commercial. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons of how last Sunday ‘blackout’ had been the trending Super Bowl topic on Twitter, with 231,500 tweets per minute. Oreo’s quick call-to- act went viral which received 15,698 RTs on twitter, 20,000 likes on Facebook and 1000s of like on Instagram, which has been incredible till before.

Oreo has surely set a brilliant example as to how far and fast must brands race their brain to seize and utilize an opportunity with the help of social media. That can only happen if they keep themselves updated and proactive to leverage every next opportunity.

When we say social media, we mean about a medium which has the power of instant reach, real-time engagement and flexibility. Be it real time engagement, advertising & promotion, or the crisis management, social media is the one really effective tool.

In the end, as what tide came up with its ‘We can’t get your blackout, but we can get your stains out’ ad at Super Bowl, Social Media can definitely take over such mishap and make the best out of it, along with how brands are leveraging social media as the ‘Wonder of instant advertising’.

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