That Comforting Silence. Sometimes it's really good!

12:31 PM

Sometimes staying mute is better than being just a flute. Sometimes people need a listening heart than a judgemental brain.

More often we lose something or someone in the path of life and interestingly, we know the reasons behind.

We stumble, wander, break down and we know why.
A few vague decisions taken entirely on our own may not be fruitful and disappoint us and we know that too.

People keep on telling us that it's all our fault, it's us who put everything on stake and that we could have tried different means. It's not that they are wrong, but their ignorance that whatever #$^%!~ they are trying to console us with is something we already know. I guess there is no end to their preaching and our own teachings to us.

Nothing happens without our consent either consciously or subconsciously and we know it. When people go through a situation (anything I mean) it is necessary for them to get a little breathing space of their own. All they need is just a little bit of lone time to come out of it. Too much interaction can lead one to either be repulsive or a silent storm that would explode if pushed any further.

The gist is, if we understand anything or everything, it is advisable to understand the fact too, that in most of the cases a person doesn't need constant preaching and "talks" but a comforting silence of one's presence in his life. Ends here!

P.S. You know why Time is said to be the best healer, why a person who is depressed find solace in isolation. The answer is right up there.
Finally ends here. ;)
(Photo credits: a page from my diary with a preserved gifted flower and some scribbling.)

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