Memoirs. How can one possibly destroy them?

2:12 AM

This time, I am here with a guest blog post on love. Interesting, ehh? Here the term memoir is being expressed in a subjective manner. Have a read and smile if you find it worth.

Here it goes:

At times, when they keep telling her to forget him and that the time will heal all the invisible wounds she has, she perplexes, nothing but just perplexes with a faded smile thinking...How can I?!.
She has made peace with it that the past would never make a comeback. The good old memories. She keeps on wondering that why is it just not happening, why is it so hard to safeguard her present by a haunting past?

OK, so she may forget him, but how would she forget that first feeling and that he was supposed to be her 'everything' for ever.
She is all ready to forget the talks but could she destroy the whole room where she sat to have those endless conversations till wee hours ending up missing her beauty sleep?
She is ready to forget that awkward rendezvous at an airport that still means a lot because she met him their for the first time, but could she just bomb down that airport so that she wouldn't have to fly from there, ever or without recalling their first meeting?
She can delete those heart-melting songs from her playlist but could she ever ignore the lyrics she accidentally comes across to?
She is ready to forget that candle-lit dinner she had, but could she quit going out for dinners with someone else at all?
She is ready to not think about him but what to do with memoirs that are engraved in all the places they had been at, all the days they spent, and those moments she learned from to become a better her?
How could she not visit those places again, living those dates every year, and reliving those moments every now and then?

Change is inevitable so it's all right that she keeps changing as the time passes by, and doesn't look or walk in her old self in public. But could she ever turn back to what she has  transformed into, from a girl-never-been-in-love into the girl-who-knows-love?
Questions come and go in her mind but what doesn't change is its permanent occurrence. Life is a weird beautiful case that has no solution but there's a dire need to accept what it is and will always be.

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