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I confess, I Love Junk! Accessories to be precise.
I have a knack for finding unique accessories and I can't stop buying what's rare, antique, different, weird, whatsoever. Be it from a mall or road outside, I just buy it. And lately I've been shopping for accessories online too. Interestingly, I don't shop on specific websites but from those sellers on instagram and I think it's time, I must tell that where I get all my funky, cool, #UniqueAndFab accessories from.
Instagram has gone way beyond than just being a paradise of #FoodLovers, #ILoveMyPet, #Travelgram and #SELFIES. It's now a market place to the budding businesses where you will find 'n' number of individuals, large & small sellers, selling amazing junk with captions like no COD, only Fund transfer, shipping all over India/world and guess what? We trust them too. However majority of audience still distrust them for whatsoever reasons. But this kind of business; is here to stay.

The paradise I get all my awesome accessories from is Chicrama - The Online Shop

This is the particular shop where all my money keeps flowing out. This channel is only about accessories that are rare and gorgeous.
I was just browsing through the profile & a post caught my attention. Damn, it was cool and the words kind of spoke to me. I visited the channel & I was stunned to see some of the accessories that I'd never seen before and or quite rare to find. This is what caught my interest,

So the very first things I <3 were Dandelion Wish Locket chain and an Air-Dried Bottle Necklace in gold as I am crazy about crazy lockets. Then I kept browsing further and a list was made. I was so sure that I had to buy them all. The descriptions of all the items are exact with no fake promises than what you actually receive. Reasonable prices (and when I say this, I've done all the research finding it on the shopping portals like amazon, eBay etc.).

I am putting up a few of my favourites along with some unique ones.


Dandelion Seeds Wish Locket chain


Wish Bottle Pendant Chain


Binocular and Globe Locket Chain


Harry Potter Time-Turner Locket


Game of Thrones- Dragon Claw Knuckle-Rings


Charming Starfish Anklets-cum-Hand Harness


So check them out and many more here at CHICRAMA and thank me later!

And BTW, did I mention? This business... is mine...😀😀😀
 Chicrama is my online shop from where you can buy unique accessories! #HappyShopping Folks!

And it doesn't end here, cause I've another news for you. #StayTuned here and don't forget to follow the channel.

Do Comment below or message me if you have any query.

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