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There is no such thing as perfect couples. Beneath their visible perfection are hiding some grave compromises unknown to the world. Believe it or not, even the meant-to-be couples would nod to this, cause it is so true.
One such couple I know, cause I am a common friend to them, and I know them personally even before they got to know each other.
In an insane love with things going well, the guy supports her big decisions and the girl supports his unspoken dreams. The girl I know, is independent, fierce and a tomboy, but least one would know that she's hopelessly romantic inside with childlike, playful heart that likes to be surprised like every other girl would want to. The boy is quite mature of his age. He is self-made, responsible and caring though lacks the power of expressing his feelings in a true manner to his girl. So while girl fell for his nature, compassionate heart and infinite unexpressed reasons that just clicked right, the guy was caught himself off guard against her strong will, all things silly and an understanding loyal heart. Together they laugh, crack jokes, and support each other to become whatever they want to be.
Though, clearly there be times when she finds herself unhappy, unloved and frustrated, and our guy just doesn't understand why in spite of trying everything he could, she couldn't recognize his endeavors.
Together they are definition of a perfect couple for everyone they know, but who knows what happens in real. No one.
So, who is wrong here? The boy who loves her dearly but couldn't express it or our girl who can't get her mind off him yet stays angry with him?
Perhaps, that's what happens over a period of time. When you have overcome all the good & bad things you knew about each other and expects a lot more and meanwhile, the 'more' of each other starts to unfold. And although you only have each other, you keep having troubles in your paradise. While one can't satiate their partner's emotional cravings, the other doesn't find what they used to be in the beginning and struggle in balancing their actions between the old and new them. Cause, even after all this, you both know that you have one crazy mad love that nobody else can give you.
So what's the solution for a couple to be happy? Compromises, which they must get so used to,  that it doesn't even bother anymore.
Acceptance, that there will be expectations they need to let go off to stay happy.
It takes time to excel these, but once it happens you both are changed for good.
There is no such thing as perfect couples. Beneath their visible perfection hide some of the grave compromises unknown to the world and accepting each other the way they are. And in them you find a 'perfect couple' to look up to.

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