6:05 PM

It was another usual trip to Mumbai in 2017. And after I've been there so many times and turned down by fellow busy friends lately, I decided to keep it quite and spend my weekend alone somewhere around my stay. But as they say, you get surprises when you least expect them. A friend, who just happened to know that I was in Mumbai, couldn't wait to take a bus from Pune and arrive to make a sunny weekend of January truly exciting for both of us. The morning, we decided to spend roaming around Colaba for which she had a far fetched list of where to go, where to eat, what to do. HaHa! I was so happy cause for the first time , I wasn't the planner and I didn't need to be one. In the time of mobile notepad, she had a page torn from an actual notebook with all the places and eateries scribbled on it. Sweet. That list and we on our feet, helped us cover almost everything that we passed by.
Started our breakfast at Colaba social [Not so nice for two vegetarians 😕] but definitely nice ambience & the location.

Then, we started our trail to cover Colaba on our toes from 10 in the morning till 5'o'clock and couldn't be more satisfied (and super tired).

- Getaway of India
Our first stop was Getaway of India indeed. That's given, if you are in Mumbai, this is the must-visit place, and I'd finally ticked it off. Luckily we didn't find much of a crowd even if it's a Saturday. The sea. The Getaway and The Taj on the opposite side; was all worth it. But we could hardly stayed there for more than 20mins due to the scorching heat of a sunny day.

Around a km away stands about 125years old,
-Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue
From the Getaway of India we walked towards this Jewish piece of architecture only to find out that it's closed on Saturday. Have heard less about it but its painted with pretty turquoise & white interior isn't a thing to miss if you're around. And right next to it you'd find the 'Kala Ghoda' graffiti art by Asian Paints.

-Jahangir Art Gallery
Just a quick cut on your left and then right, you'd find the gallery. Don't confuse it with the Nation Gallery of Modern Art which is also at a walking distance on the opposite road. The entry is free and photography is strictly prohibited. Divided in two, it will take at least 30-40 minutes to cover the whole art section. If you want to kill the time and love art, the place won't disappoint you.

-Prince of Wales Museum
After my visit to the Bangalore Palace, this was my second museum that reminded me of Blore palace cause it has the audio tour. Took about 2 hours and we really enjoyed exploring the place (I love museums). From the prehistoric times, to civilizations till today, the museum offers a lot to know and learn about India and the whole world. Paintings from England, souvenirs from china, armory from Rajasthan. I guess it was the first floor where all the gifts and collectibles from India and overseas owned by Mr. Ratan Tata was on public display. (A proud moment) The museum also has a small canteen and drinking water for free. The entry fee for Indians is max INR100 basis what all you want to cover.

- Britannia & Co. Restaurant
We were famished after we're through with the museum, but our stamina to walk couldn't die. We walked all the way to the famous 'Britannia & Co.' Cafe from the museum which was 2km. And there we had the famous Paneer Berry Pulao which was so Oh-so-delightful. Hope people didn't stare at us cause we're hungry & didn't realize how quickly we finished. We had soda lemonade and caramel custard (contains egg) as well. May be they're keeping it as is deliberately to give the old time look, but the building seriously needs some renovation. They only accept cash (and tip).