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Working for Ahwaan foundation since a week.
Its a Delhi based NGO which works for the uplift and betterment of the underprivileged society. While working under under the head and founder of ahwaan, Mr. Ritesh sharma, a person who has been in performing arts since 12 years and took the initiative to found the NGO along with few other dedicated fellows. I came to know that Ahwaan is the brain child of ten people army and formed six years ago when they all were students studying in Delhi. They used theater and performing art as there instrument to play with the lyrics of various social issues and made them hear by every ear. Since then they are spreading knowledge and awareness on various issues such as right to information, women liberation, child exploitation, saving the girl child, environmental issues, globalization, human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of the children and women.
Basically they do work on the issues related to children. They do stage shows, plays and street plays with the artists within themselves and also including children from different places. They are successfully running the project name “UDAAN” at Delhi.
A voluntarily attempt which has been succeeding and developing enormously since its establishment. NGO is attempting to evoke the youth to know and speak about what is wrong in the society. As to bring the change in society young generation can play a vital role as the nation average age is 25.5 years and more than 66% of Indian population is below 30-35 years.
I wish i'll get the answers of all questions which are poking my mind like anything about the nitty gritties of the working system of a Non government Organization.

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