Goa: Sand and Sun

10:39 AM

Trrrinnnnnnnn...the sound woke me up around 5:30am (reminder that was kept on my mobile). Sitting by the window, I was in the bus. Droplets of rain were all over my face like one could have played “join the dots” game. Funny, no?
Ohh!!! By the way, haven’t mentioned where I was heading to.
Well, our whole batch was heading toward Goa. A merriment excursion after a jaded orientation programme. I had never been to Goa before; so, I was enjoying the journey ever since it started. It was so exciting and the reason was, I had never been anywhere alone (accompanied by my family member(s)) besides it's entirely a new place for me.
Anyway, apart from been morning sleepy and titillated with the shivering weather, I was so much enjoying the twists and turns the bus was taking on the narrow roads, appurtenance to that, rain made it more enjoyable. I was eagerly waiting for the bus to enter in Goa.
And when the bus entered in Goa, I started anticipating in a nutshell, what would be here which would make an impact on me, who just don't get impressed so easily. All the talks and bookish knowledge I've immersed in, had to prove itself.
But I was wrong, before reaching the final destination, as a keen observer, I saw the architecture, the beautiful bungalows and houses. That's what caught my attention. Hence sub-consciously or rather peculiarly, it unexpectedly became the joy of my trip. Earlier I had  been pretty sure of exploring beaches, nightclubs or the greenery in the rains, perhaps these are the first things someone would go for. Yes, I went to the beautiful beaches for first time, felt nature and greenery at its best. But the picture completely turned out to be different.
After the rain stopped, the sun arose shining. It was majestic to see illuminated rain-washed peaks of buildings and trees with golden aglow. That was a fine sparkling noon, I went for a short outing with friends to Aguada Fort (The famous 'Dil Chahta Hai' one), a historical place built in 1612 that was used as a watering station for the ships & a lighthouse from the same era. I love history & mystery so I ought to go there and like always been fascinated fascinated by its architecture and how it skirts the sea-shore. Though, I was somewhat disappointed that we were not allowed to go up the lighthouse. 
I so wish that our Government and archaeology department would always work to save the historical buildings which are slowly converting into ruins. After the fort-visit, it was nice to wander around the city. The architecture of the city in terms of size, symmetry and hues used for the shops, markets and even the restaurants, made me feel as if I am in an old English city. More like a blend of an old-modern English-Portuguese city. Even the resort where we stayed for the whole time, interior and exterior, were good. 
In Goa, the shops and restaurants use lights to decorate the name-board as well as the ambiance that beautifies the night even more. "Illuminate the dark."
Next day was for the beaches, I was expected to pay more attention to the sea and the scenic beauty. Of course I did, but then again I rather focused on the constructive part, built of the beach, shops scattered around and the establishments. Also more precisely, I focused on the sand (Really, sand?). I made a sandcastle out of the wet sand that fell off once it dried. I built it repeatedly it kept falling down after sometime (Wish there was some Binani cement, lol). Then I realised, the sun that made my sandcastle crumble would make it stay firm if the castle was of clay. And all of a sudden, I started thinking philosophically; life is also like this. Situations, either good or bad, are ultimately the situations which make us. It depends on us what we want to be, sand or clay, what choices we make. The way one chooses for life, determines the way ahead

Goa isn't just about beaches, lively night clubs and flashy parties. It holds a lot more. Hoping to get a few more days to explore more of it. Being in Goa for the first time in my life, exploring the best part, art and architecture of the place, won my heart and moreover, experiencing the beauty of nature so closely, far from the metro city life left me enlightened and philosophically content.

P.S. I have written it all in a very literary manner and is the excerpt from my assignment and not CAP-ed. ;) lolz

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