Bar Bar Que nahi aana ;)

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Barbeque nation in a single sentence would be an excellent food joint to enjoy the live barbeque cuisines coming across the Mediterranean, oriental and Asian dainties.
A place to enjoy the combination of live band music, receive reverent hospitality from the stewards and relish the mouth-watering delicacies cooking on an embedded grill at your own table. Cost is slightly higher but deserves to spend. Once you visit the restaurant it worth here to come again. Quality and quantity of the food and service is supreme. It provides lavish multi-cuisines including starters, mock tails, cocktails, veg. and non-veg. main course and deserts with variety of options. The restaurant uses very simple and very creative ideas to please and satisfy the customer fetish starts right from the menu items to venue ambience, hospitality to management. Barbeque nation is an ultimate destination for all those foodies who want fun and entertainment and not just a dining experiencing with their near and dear ones.


Interior and Decor
Hospitality and service
Money matter
4.5, Families: B, B+ and above / Youth
Preference and recommendations
5, Families, friends specially the youth.

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