5D movies - An Experience

5:30 AM

I watched a 5D movie with friends Last week. Some fifteen minutes animated movie named “The Haunted House” (don’t go by the name there was nothing like Evil Dead or Exorcism). I do find this an amazing experience, as it was so real with the effects and ambiance that I felt things are happening for real. Filled with many WOW moments, I got to wear a special goggle to watch it similar to what they provide you to watch a 3D movie
Story was plotted in a way that viewer should feel that they were visiting a haunted house and so it attempted to depict each and every round and corner through your own eyes. The moment you jump in water in the movie, you get water sprinkled all over you through the adjustment set in the theater for real. 
There was moment when mouses and spiders started creeping toward me on screen and some creepy thing actually tickled my feet to make it feel real, few of my friends actually lift up their feet. Aroma, ambiance, dwelling of the chair back and forth, vibration and everything were to give the real look and feel with what's happening in the movie was real. 
Such movies are created to make one feel that mesmerize or spellbound the viewers, best setting for kids. However it was a horror movie, it could petrified anyone for first time watchers.
I believe it's for 5D to go ahead way long and should be taken seriously to replace the 2D and 3D movies.  Where 3D movies are already a in-thing and being used by the movie makers, definitely 5D is insanely expensive and would take a lot of time to be created but because it has just arrived, I am sure sooner the Digi Gods will find a way to overcome the issue. Imagine, watching wonders of the world in 5D, spellbound experience it would be. Looking forward to a horror movie in 5D. 
Good luck virtual world!

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