Through the eyes of a happy old fellow

12:35 PM

“I am a very happy old man”.

When a person in his sixties avows this, it's a tight slap in the face of a boy who's depressed for not possessing a cell phone that would just cost 40 thousand bucks to his father, no matter whether he himself is capable of earning that much; or a girl who just doesn’t want to live anymore because her boyfriend broke up with her, ignoring all the pain her mother bore to give her the life & bring her up.

Is it that difficult to stay happy and alive? 

Kaveri believes in living life happily & spreading smiles. But there are times when it is slightly tough to manage things with a TRUE smile, but she has excelled in that too. That became possible because of him and to have better understanding and maturity of such things, is what she learned from him. He is a kind of person whom she admires like her father.

Lately, when she kept struggling with her dwelling thoughts and ever changing mind. She retrieved how confused and disoriented she used to be most of the time, till the last years of her academics. 

Before she stepped on to professional life, she ensured to visit the cities which are on her to-visit list. And there in Bangalore, she met him reminiscing how she had been in those endless conversations with him during her college days. And this time too, he gave her a one line thought that stood out among all the talks. Simply stated, but with a deep meaning. Life takes toll to make you what you want to be and in the process you have to realize that “change" is the only constant thing in one’s life on which neither you've got control, nor you can make any amendments.

Kaveri listened to him for like two hours and when she was back, her mind was unraveling tons of questions which she thought of every now and then. She went back to the flashback memories of the times when she was disappointed, praised, sad, on-the-cloud9, broken or so on. Then she realized that her over thinking leaves her to a blank mind. She recollected how brilliantly Pa (that's what she calls him) explained everything so easily.

Sipping her evening coffee from her Sunday Mug with tiny rabbits printed on it, she begun to rethink, at this phase of age, pa doesn’t regret or crib on anything around him or for anything that haven't happened to him. 
Till now quite an unseen experience for her it was with all the old people she ever met. Pa had a great history of his life, which she felt bad about but never saw him feeling that way. He influenced him to think more positively about everything that comes around in life. All she ever knew as life’s lessons, she never thought it could have been so easy to understand, and that's because of that one line which summed up everything for her. While finishing her last sip of coffee, she thought there are always a few people in one’s life who either make you or break you. Pa is from the first leg, the one who made her more optimistic than ever before.

She stood up for packing her bag & unpacking her mind from all the delusions. She felt a better her. And then she jotted down in her book-for-life-time (no matter how many times she had came across to such TRUTHS of life, this time it was all new) she decided to read it more often and follow wholeheartedly.
To hell with those who cribs how life is too short. Instead, life is a journey- a good long one, live it lovingly. Be quick to figure out all the possible questions but take enough time to resolve them. You can’t expect much out of the people who come across, because you may be nice them but not necessary that they all would reciprocate in the same way. You can’t change your past so don’t waste time in regretting.
In the end, we all expect a good problem free life but the truth is none of us actually get one. Life is about phases... good or bad...and to deal with it.
She finished penning down and got ready to catch her flight for the city next in her list.

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