Man with an addiction

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Once upon a time there was a very famous doctor and therapist in France, Fredrick. He was blessed in curing critical ailments and psychological problems. He had a deep sense of recognizing the disease and executes the best method to root out the problem. His patients shared an intact bond with him because of his generosity and modesty.

One day his driver brought his cousin brother zamaal to the Doctor. He told doctor about zamaal's addiction to alcohol and as the day reaches to dawn he loses his control if he don’t get to drink. 

Even though zamaal himself wanted to quit drinking, he failed every time because of lacking patience and extreme addiction. He requested Fredrick to help him get rid of this habituation.

Fredrick realized that mere advising would not help so he had to find some better solution. He gave a bag of colorful stone chips to zamaal, instructed him to put a spoonful of it in his glass every time he drinks and by doubling the quantity of stone chips every day. Leaving these stone chips soaked in the drink would help him. 
Zamaal nodded and left. Zamaal followed the instructions. Slowly alcohol intake started reducing and stone chips took its place. Then a day came when zamaal dint drink at all. And this way he quit drinking without even realizing that it was not the magic of stone chips but the psychology Dr. Fredrick applied on him.

I read the story somewhere. No offense to its morality, but really felt like saying, were the people in old times Plain Dumb? (or addictions reduce the sensibility of a man and cause it quite easy to use such addictions to make a fool out of him)

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