Anatomy of a writer

4:58 PM

It's been quite long since I penned down my wandering thoughts. Not that I didn't have anything on my mind or seeking any topic I can write upon. Actually the issue was (and is always) that I had been rambling into many thoughts.

Best part I tell you, thoughts come into your mind only the time when you are not carrying a pen and a piece of paper. You promise yourself that the moment you sit down, you'd write whatever comes to your mind. You trying doing that and  Bam! you're rather a better thinker than a writer, aren't you? You just run out of right words and start to feel that your thoughts aren't even worth writing down:p

Last evening, while wandering back home and thinking what could spark me to write something,this vary topic dawned upon me! Why don’t I try writing the psychology of a writer? Let’s peep in to their mind ;) so comes this blogpost with thoughts that ran into my mind.

Sure, we all find ourselves caught in situations where at some point or the other we scribble something, we crush the paper, throw it in a dustbin (Or recycle bin), force our self to think more, take references, and in the end write it any way to finally get the task done. (Be it holiday homework or love notes, believe me I have seen many such people who always seek their beloved writer friends for love notes*.)

But when it comes to writers, it's little different. You aren't like everyone else. Initially, it's all the same. You write something you like, you re-read it; you feel how disgusting it has turned out, then comes the difference! You keep it safe somewhere and just couldn't throw it away. Because, you're a writer. You just don’t tear it off or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
Reason is pretty literal :p Every piece that you write is like a fruit of your labor, besides it’s a tested fact that more you write, more it gets better. You won't get tired of writing anything (after all what's more sensible then talking ;)

Another difference! Ask somebody to write on a given topic. Max they would do is to end up writing nothing at all. Now talk about the writers, give them any topic, they’d take some time to think and sip in their coffee, to trip over their own feet and slams in to a wall, or to stay alone for penning down.They would loose the track, but eventually come back to the topic. No matter what, they would surely finish the writing.

*Ask a writer to compose the best love-notes with their poetic thoughts and thoughtful poetry. Need I say more?

Have fun, keep reading and try writing! ;)

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