Beginner’s Random Riting# ? :o

12:36 PM

A friend asked me to name one of my passion and hobbies. For a moment I was clueless.
I never thought that way to categorize my liking and subconsciously I thought why haven’t I, still?

Like always I questioned him back to state the difference between a passion and a hobby. He simply answered that perhaps eating is your habit but cooking could be your passion. I was like "What!" but confused him instead. Then we started arguing [admit that we actually love to argue at some point with our close buddy(ies)] and eventually somebody let someone win :p

Afterwards I asked many minds and brains to differentiate the terms and incurred few replies. I came out to this.

Passion is something you are crazy about, a rage that totally freaks you, and makes you suffocate if you think of quitting. An extreme case where you have all the ways and lanes to conform.

You can write on something? Might be your hobby; you can write on almost anything? Indeed writing is your passion. Hobby reflects you but a passion reflexes you.

Hobby grows, it increases but passion is a born attitude towards something. A hobby is not difficult to pursue if you get enough time for it. More over to an extent if you willingly take out some time to practice and improvise, it may become your passion. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to recognize your passion irrespective of you being naturally attracted towards it.

I am ending up concluding that I do not have a passion, though having a few hobbies to pursue forever but not a single one that I feel crazy about. Perhaps a little maniac over dance and painting, still passion? Indeed it is yet to recognize ;)
Ohh Yes, Readers! your interpretations are invited.
(photo caption: self quoted)

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