Bio Pick: Perhaps Perfectionist

8:15 AM

There is a bunch of people in your life that actually serves the noun 'perfectionist’ to you...
People who want everything happen to be the best in life and to reach there, assay back and forth to improvise. Getting things done, balancing life & relationships. Every second you find them doing so well and then you wonder, why such things never happen in your life. (It is more like believing that 'good' things only happen to other people.)
When we look at what's happening in others' worlds, we fool ourselves by believing that their lives are straight or less stressful. We have no idea what is actually going on in someone's world.

Indeed they are perfectionist, the ones who stand best+among+all.  Quite amusing to give a thought to whether is it really true from their perspective.
Other might look upon them as admirable personalities but it is not what they consider themselves. Perhaps they might also intercept some things (willingly) and think, "stop looking at us as role models, we aint that perfect and nobody can ever be. Get a life! We also grew up in leaving things incomplete, unfinished and left out at sudden point. Semi-colored paintings, incomplete sketches, half choreographed songs and yes half read novels."

And if you understand this, the list can be surely continued.....a well initiated novel with a lost thought, said to be broken relationships (which are left or quit by one or all and not by "the destiny" by the way. What an irony :D). It doesn’t make sense to be a perfectionist instead its always good to move on the road towards improvisation.

Improvisation is better than being perfect or to be called a perfectionist. Ever seen a Zen circle? It is an unfinished circle, imperfect still an ideal form of drawing.. What is unfinished is actually constant and this is how it should be.

Hence we all are perfect in our imperfections. So, seems perfect? ;)
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