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10:26 PM

It was 5:30 in the evening ticking on the analog clock of my phone, the time I tend to be busy with my usual workout  session. In a while I saw everything begin to dark. I peeped out from the window and looked up, the sky was covered with monsoon clouds. Though it was beautiful up there, I sighed and muttered *nothing gonna happen, soon it'll be clear and won't rain. We surely have to wait for few more days to see the rain*. Going back to my regime, thinking how long it will take to chuck it down Delhi? It's been a month since I shifted back to Delhi from Pune. Pune, where I stayed for 2 good years. And till the time I stayed there I constantly missed my good old place. I had been updated with the never ending weather news of chilling winter and killing summer.  No offense to Pune’s weather but there is always something missing in its “Famous rain” season. Although rains beautifies everything, I find it annoying when you’re being soaked in continuous drizzling without getting notified by the nature that “hello there! it's gonna rain”. And then it starts anytime anywhere. Even the clouds up there do not claim to rain, giving no thunderbolts or lightening. (quite grateful to Pune to make me miss rains too).

I came out of the 'magnetized me' when in few minutes there were lightening thunders up in the sky and... it started raining. Unbelievably, few minutes back what I was not expecting had just begun in its full form. Nevertheless, this... is... what I call, rain

Going back and forth in my thoughts, I concluded that the person in me is fairly obsessed with the extreme cases of life. Same is the case with Delhi’s hot summer, frosty winter or heavy rain (though rain never been a serious issue for the city). I dint even realize how long I stared at the sky and drowning myself in my usual philosophical stuff and relating the same with the situations like this time, with rain. (The sensible sense I inherit from my father) 

Nature possesses a strong connection with one’s life. Like a moral teaching subject that tells the story in its own way which you ravel/unravel per your intelligence. I guess I've been into the moment for about 40 minutes. First thing that crossed my mind was, you get it when you expect the least or not at all. Then the philosophy became broader with the flow. You will never understand the pleasure of life till you haven’t been rueful. No matter how much you urge for something you will get it only if (or when) you deserve. You get something only when you are destined for it, or it's time. Nobody gets more than what he deserves and before the time comes. 
There is a man who seeks and there is one almighty who gives.

Let see what next lesson I will learn and write about……. ;)
(Photo credits: Own painting) 

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