Money can't buy safety!

12:30 AM

Years back, appearing for umpteen entrances was quite a mission for me. And there's one, I may never forget. Not because it was tough or whether I cracked it, but for a totally different reason.
The center was much farther from my place. Though I've been to the place once, the route was difficult to remember. So, I asked my father about the route and everything, and he thoroughly explained the same. Like a protective father, he asked me if I wanted him to come along, to which I assured him that I'd manage. He entrusted me, knowing how I find my own ways at strange places as it's never been a big thing for a girl who has travelled different states of India all by herself, so he did not questioned me any further.

It was a bright sunny day of March. To reach the destination, I took varied means of transportation that comprised, changing a bus, two autos, and a strode to be taken in the end. After boarding off the second auto, I had to walk down a long road. Unfortunately, the auto dropped me at a wrong place saying, "bas yaha se seedha nikal jaao madam, aaram se pahunch jaaoge". But, after taking few steps I was sure that I was lost, I dint find any other transportation available. Anyway I kept marching ahead on the road. Suddenly, close to a widespread construction site beside the lone road, I saw a bunch of men standing. As I neared, I found them grinning and staring at me. They must be 7 or 8, I remember. I looked around to the farthest point my eyes could reach and found nothing, no other human, or any vehicle.
"What if, they do something to me? I can't do anything in spite of being bold. Perhaps a bleak shout in that isolated area." The thought seized me. Out of my surprise, my heart throbbed for a while. With that growing sense of fear, I walked down the road. Anyhow I reached to the institute, gave my entrance test and came back home.
Though nothing bad happened, but at times, just a thought of it scares me for moments. I never found myself so vulnerable or helpless in my whole life. Even all the money I had couldn't have saved me, if...something wrong had happened.

PS: For the first time in my life, I literally felt, to be a woman is a curse.
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