What if Gabbar Singh was on Orkut: A Tribute

11:36 AM

So it's time! Bid adieu to #Orkut as Google has announced that their Once-The-Most-Popular social media platform shall go extinct from September 30th, 2014. Yes, the vary social media platform that  once let our hearts pound and broken online ;)
Well, I am sharing something I drew in 2009 for the love of Orkut.
If Gabbar Singh was on Orkut, that's how his profile would've looked :D

Feeling nostalgic? Do share your thoughts here.

Writer's note: Before Facebook invaded our lives, Orkut was a place to be. In the the times of cyber cafes when knowing how to use internet was a matter of pride, Orkut was a forbidden fruit that everybody wanted to taste and if once tasted, they just couldn't get its taste off their mouth. Those were the days when people sat in cyber cafes and were costed quite a lot for just a few minutes to check their scraps. You could see the A4 size printouts on their walls displaying the rates one needed to pay for different Orkut activities for a stipulated time. Scraps, photo albums, favorites, fans, friend list, communities, messages, everything was bewitching. More the numbers, prouder the person used to be. The madness was overwhelming, if you were members to a few communities which were so lively back then. It would make you forget the time you've spent.
Remember testimonials? One thing that was a craze. Having highest number of scraps was like a race we all wanted to win. Calling up friends just to make them write testimonial(s) following the barter system :'D. I think for us, the 80's kids, first encounter to the internet world was about myspace and Orkut, and so was the first introduction to social media. Through Orkut started the "will you fraandship with me" era which continued with Facebook and further. Nevertheless Baap baap tha!

-With love,
An ex-Orkutian

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