Just A Farewell

9:00 PM

With chaos taking place in her heart, she bid him a peaceful goodbye!

It hadn't even been a year since they moved apart and the reason why it happened, must be better left unsaid. It was the first time they were meeting each other and probably the last time too. However none of them dreamed that their first meeting could be this awkward.
Why do we all need a closure, and why that closure never really shuts everything off. That's what she was thinking, out loud in mind. Neither she wanted to talk about it nor did he care to mention this at all. 
They were here to meet each other, to see the person they fell in love with even long before they met. They both were there to end a relationship that lasted longer than their true feelings. 
It was easy for him to say "I love you but, there is nothing that can be done"; Darn! it was difficult for her to grasp what he just said. Her whole world sank in a breath. Took her that whole night to recollect and accept what she heard. From him.
*Doesn't love find its way. You may give up on people but You just don't give up on love. Okay, so may be he just gave up on me...* 
six years since then. Now, he is no where, anymore. And she has finally stopped looking for him at random places. And she, is now back wearing heart on her sleeve!

Image credit: One of my paintings

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