Your Ultimate Style Guide To Wear Shirts in Different Ways

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Alright, you open your closet, you couldn't find anything to wear except those two shirts you already wore to office last week. Now it's girl thing that you don't want to repeat the same cloth too soon, but the comfort these two shirts bring is just unmatchable.
Well you mustn't underestimate the power of the style that shirts bring in your dress sense and yes there are ways which help you wear your favourite shirts without being too boring or flashy.

Changes in your overall appearance and the way you accessorizes make a huge difference in how a shirt looks on you.

Try rolling up your shirt sleeves in different length every time you wear it, a little above your wrists, up your elbows and if possible above your arms.

Pair it up with a pencil skirt with the shirt well tucked, accessorize it with a big buckled or a thin belt. You can try knee-length and ankle length skirts as well.
Include layering in your fashion style. Wear a well-fit tube/tank top in white or black with unbuttoned shirt and see your glamour quotient goes up. Camouflaging is a no-no. For checks/stripes shirts, team up with a pair of jeans and a tube top (plain black or white) and bright colourful tube tops if the shirt is in single tone.

Wear hair bands, scarves and hair clips to change your look when you wear shirts. One different look that you can totally try on would be a high bun and winged eyeliner in navy. A style you can pull off any given day. Simply chic.

Let it go old...Nothing is better than sleeping in a baggy old shirt (be it yours or your partner's). It makes you look cute and hot both at the same. So, keep the shirt for such better use and buy some new shirts :D

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